25 Weirdest and Unbelievable Bras

1. LumiTop Bra

2. Headlight Bra

When the headlight bra is turned on, it sure turns you on too.

3. Fish tank Bra

4. World’s Largest Bra

5. Strapless and backless Bra

6. Rice Miso Soup Chopstick Bra

The Rice and Miso Soup bra may look silly and frivolous, but it actually serves an interesting eco-friendly purpose that is to prevent an excess of disposable chopsticks. It has two bowls. One filled with rice and other for soup.

7. Peppermint Bra

Cool fresh sexy minty bra made of chewable soft mints.

8.  Bra-dryer Bra

Well not for actual wearing, this design takes its inspiration from the presumption that the best possible way to dry bras without ruining their fabric and padding is to dry them on a shape that resembles female breasts.

9. Piggie Heads Bra

10. LED Bra

We’ve seen LED ladywear in the past, but these are actually available for purchase with prices beginning at $55. They even do customization, so the style of LED bras are endless!

11. Men’s Premium Brassieres

The Wishroom japanese shop has sold over 300 men’s bras for 2,800 yen ($30) each. Wishroom Executive Director Akiko Okunomiya said she was surprised at the number of men who were looking for their inner woman.

12. Lock and Key Bra

13. Faucet Bra

No worries if you get shipwrecked, huh?

14. i Pod Bra

Now that’s a nice gadget.

15. USB Bra

Duh you won’t need to carry a USB with you because you can pull out bra at your office and then work? Huh weird.

16. Pangao Massage Bra

Without any hormones or side effects this is one cool bra!

17. Bacon Bra

Men love boobs and men love breasts and here is a prototype of these combined in two. Now that’s steaky hysterical.

18. The Hand-full Bra

Modeled after the hands of your creepy someone, so they have a nice familiar feel to them!

19. The Bologna Bra

The mustard is getting everywhere! Bleah

20. Mickey Mouse Bra

Disney is creative at these mickey boobs!

21. Crab bra

22. Chest Hair Bra

When being a douche bag just isn’t enough.

23. Wine Rack Bra

Talk about the bra can not be separated from their function, make your breast is more look beautiful and sexy. And WineRack, It’s bra also has the same function, to make the breast is more sexy, beautiful, and wine rack. WineRack is bra with the “bottled water” that can be filled with drinking water and you have a favorite straw for direct drinks. It’s Sports Bra. But as the outer beauty is only temporary  because when you drink over there, automatically your breasts look like the original.

24. Barbed Wire Bra


25. The Marriage Bra

This conceptual electronic lingerie has a countdown LED clock that tells potential mates how long they have until you wish to get married. Once an engagement ring is placed in the slot on the front, the countdown reaches zero, compartments in the bra open up that contain the ring, a pen, and marriage certificate stamp seal. Although I think for the man in this relationship, you’re going to have to open up more than just a ring-holding compartment if you want to seal the deal. Weird.

Sumber : www.smashinglists.com


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