The Most Creative Photos

International Breakfast from Oliver Schwarzwald

Our life is full of stereotypes and we tired from them. But sometime it could be interesting. Like this project of German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald. In one shoot he combined various food that could describe breakfasts in different countries. And looking in these photos we can easily guess what country he meant without reading titles. Apart of idea execution of photos are exellent as usual. Enought to remember other work of Oliver featured on our site

Inspirational Photos by Egon Gade

This collection consist of art works of Danish photographer Egon Gade who’s working for advertising agencies and design studios around all the scandivanian countries. Among list of his client you could find such names as Bang and Olufsen, Fritz Hansen and Malene Birger. Creative, unusual and definetely daring photos are worthy for your attention. So don’t hesitate and jump into the post!

The Bold Look of Kohler

Kohler’s ad photography has always been clever and catchy. And this series created by San Francisco-based photographer Mark Holthusen also attracts your attention to the plumbing fixtures, faucets, furniture, engines and generators made by Kohler. With such ads Kohler can easily move to the top of the plumbing world.

The Most Creative Sport Ads

Some time ago we’ve shown the most creative car ads. Today we’ll show you the most creative sports posters for the recent time. The customers of this creative advertising mostly are producers of sports clothing and nutrition. Especially we were pleased with advertising posters from the manufacturer of sportswear for swimming – Arena. Water Instinct. Perhaps these guys have created more original ads than even such acknowledged masters like Nike and Adidas.

Sculptural Photography

This wonderful series “Sculptural Photography” was created by Polish artists and photographers Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzeniecka for spring-summer collection of fashion designer Ania Kuczynska. To create such unusual works you have to cut the picture into pieces, and then compile it into a three-dimensional space, and again photograph it. Interesting non-standard solution.

Creativity with Wine Glasses

True artist knows how to convert ordinary object into fantastic art works. For example as Leszek Kobusinski. He transform photos of wine glasses into beautiful piece of art. Unusual views, strange forms and a lot of broken glass are the main

Clever Photoretouching from Beefactory

This time we want to inspire you by impressive works of retouching studio Beefactory from Belgium. Most well-known European photographers are using services of this studio. Their clever artworks make you think! We show you only small part of their works. You could find more on Beefactory website.

Stunning Photos from Angus Rowe MacPherson

Angus Rowe MacPherson – 30 year old talanted photographer from Canada and winner of many prestigious awards – meet with the world of photography in early childhood. At eleven he build a darkroom from one of the household bathrooms. In 2004 he moved to Toronto. Since then his main job is shooting for advertising and entertainment clients. It allows him to spend time and money for his own work. Take a look at his exellent photos and you’ll definitely understand why he is so famous and popular.

Ingenious Creativity of Kilato

Kilato is retouching studio located in Paris, France. Their courage works differ from others by its professionalism, quality and wit. Becouse of these characteristics Kilato is very popular among world famous brands such as Pepsi, McDonalds, Wondebrs, Absolut etc. Take a look on their works and assess the creativity.

Creative Artworks of Romain Laurent

Delightful artworks of French photo-designer Romain Laurent. Fresh, original photos, interesting ideas and a deep sense – that’s what distinguishes photos of Romain Laurent. We’ve included in the collection the latest, recently created photo session of this photographer – about people who are not afraid to walk under the slope and have their own opinions.

Colorful Emotions of Iain Crawford

Todays post represent you beatiful photos from Iain Crawford’s – english photographer – portfolio. Iain specialize in advertising and beauty photography. His photo are full of energy, color and emotion. Get an inspiration from these incredible shots!

Creative Photos by Phillip Toledano

These creative photographs were created by photograph from United States – Phillip Toledano. Unreal and provocative they will make you think. Take a few minutes and enjoy them!

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