Beautiful and Unique Jewelry Design

Gorgeous Steampunk Jewelry by London Particulars

We’ve already featured on the pages of BeautifulLife various jewelry in steampunk style. And every time they became quite popular among our readers. Today we also want to show you steampunk jewelry collection by London Particulars from Seattle. From the words of author: ” I love working with vintage materials and creating beautiful jewelry in the Steampunk Style, I employ cold connection techniques and use epoxy in many of my designs.”

Unique Jewelry Collection by Nous Sommes

Paris based designers Kizda and Jeremy, well known as jewelry brand Nous Sommes (We Are), has released unique jewelry collection of pedants. Its uniqueness is in the fact that all pedants are in the form of some of the fashion and music world’s most celebrated personalities. Among them you could easily recognize Terry Richardson, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Karl Lagerfeld. And as you can see on photos father of Chanel had already liked the pedant from this collection.

Creative Luxury Rings from nOir Jewelry

Today we decided to show you creative rings from the huge jewelry collection of famous company nOir Jewelry. Designer and fashion stylist Leeora Catalan launched nOir 14 years ago and turned it to the popular jewelry brand. Jewelry from nOir is very popular among celebrities and you can notice rings or earings by nOir on Lady Gaga, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Paris Hilton. Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Diesel and Moschino use nOir’s jewelry for their fashion shows. So don’t waste your time and take a look to these definitely beautiful rings from nOir Jewelry.

Beautiful Kinetic Rings by Michael Berger

In our previous post you could find a lot of various rings: absolutely unique rings and even collection of creative and stylish rings. And none of them show kinetic rings. Truly moving jewelry usually looks ugly. But these modern rings created by Michael Berger are a pleasant exception. These rings are created from stainless steel, but some of them are from gold and decorated with fine gems, diamonds and pearls. Each item is a ring but also it’s a little sculpture. Don’t skip video at the end of the post with interview with Michael Berger and you’ll understand how they work and how they were created.

Beautiful Architectural Rings
from Philippe Tournaire

Some time ago we’ve shown you ultimate collection of creative and stylish rings. There was a few rings in the form of cities and buildings among them. They were created by jeweller Philippe Tournaire but it’s only a small part of his works. Todays post we want to devote to the rings collection of this talanted jeweller. Among his art works you could find ring dedicated to New York or Moscow, with Italian patio or Chinese pagoda, with gems or only from platinum. There are a lot of variations of rings and price varies within a few thousand euros. So don’t waste your time and take a look at this extremely beautiful collection of rings

Luxury Jewelry Collection Inspired by
Alice in Wonderland

The Brazilian brand H.Stern in partnership with Disney has released an extraordinary luxury collection of unusual ring inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” of Tim Burton. Strange roses, colorful mushrooms, bird from beautiful garden, the Cheshire Cat, Jabberwocky and other wonders of the world through the mirror served as the inspiration for designers brand. The collection consists of five rings, they are all made of gold, some items are covered with colored enamel and adorned with diamonds. All products are made under the order, and, like in the movie everything is reduced or increased to gigantic proportions, and jewelry can be ordered two sizes – “human dimension” and “extraordinary dimension” that are enormous sculptures.

Beautiful Luxury Jewelry

English jewelry house Saggi introduced a new collection of luxury rings. This beautiful collection consist of volumetric rings. A central element of each is a massive, semi-precious stone, framed with gold ornament and loose of diamonds. However, this is only the outer shell under which lies a miniature jewelry composition. Hidden heart can be seen by clicking the button from the Yakut emerald of reach green color. And the owner of this beautiful luxury jewelry can replace miniature and get a new beautiful ring. The rings are made of yellow and white gold 750-carat, decorated with 25 carat blue-London Blue and Swiss Blue topaz, Rauch-topaz and amethyst, surrounded by 156 diamonds. Miniatures are made of gold, decorated with colored enamel, diamonds (black, white and “champagne”), rubies, and sapphires.

Beautiful Melted Jewelry by Jung Eeeun

This collection of beautiful rip-like jewelry created by Jung Eeeun was inspired by the way that wax melts from a lit candle. The collection is called Droppings. It’s made from 18k yellow gold plated silver and the Stone Droppings include silver chain and a large natural quartz or tektite stone. It consists of rings, earings and brooches and looks really awesome. Check it out!

Luxury Jewelry for DJs

Today we want to show you extremely stylish jewelry collection for Djs and all people who like music. Company Darkcloud Silver was founded in 2005 by Sydney based artist Nathan Thomas. Luxury jewelry created by Darkcloud Silver is inspired by music, hip hop and urban culture. This handmade collection consist of rings and pedants in the form of urban music symbols, even including spray can. Due to the fact that all jewelry is created from silver, gold and platinum they cost from $300 to $750. Darkcloud Silver jewellery is a luxury jewelry for individuals! Make your style more unique with these luxury watches.

Surprisingly Stylish Jewerly from Naye Quiros

On the pages of our blog we try to show you not only unusual, but surprisingly stylish things. For example, these jewerly created by designer Naye Quiros. Naye Quiros was born in Mexico, she studied industrial design in Milan, and now she lives in Buenos Aires. And in her artworks she combines a surprising spirit of the Latin America and European sensibility. Simple and even a bit rough these jewerly just attract the eye!

Fantasy Jewelry

Today we want to show you unusual jewelry created by young artist from USA Sarah. This girl has a rare talant to transform natural things into original jewelry. Shells found on a coast, acorn picked up an in the forest or just a beautiful pebble turn into a fabulous pendants, earrings and rings. You should pay special attention to a series of ornaments created from ordinary keys – they’re just fantastically beautiful. By the way, Sarah takes orders for creating a completely unique jewelry exclusively for your taste.

Jewelry in Steampunk Style

Steampunk became very popular trend today. There were a few posts at our blog about steampunk sculptures – Remarkable Collection of Steampunk Sculptures and Unique Steampunk Insects. Today we want to show you another way of using this style: jewelry. Daniel Proulx from Canada creates really amazing steampunk rings, bracelets, pins and necklaces. If you want to be unique and if such jewelry in your style you can find all these stuff at

Tasty Jewelry from Oriona

We’ve already told you about the tendency to create jewelry based on culinary art – Delicious Rings from Japan. Today we want to continue this theme and show you the beautiful original works of young designer from Russia Oriona. Earrings and bracelets featured below are made from polymer clay. Size of details is about 2 cm. Each and every bracelet and earring exists in single copy. This collection looks insanely delicious! Bon Appetit!

“Punctirus” – Creativity with Line Cut

This is unusual jewerly called “Punctirus” was created by Russian famous studio ArtLebedev and is oriented to the beautiful half of humanity. It can be used as a necklace as well as a bracelet. In accordance with the name this original jewerly looks like a line cut with tiny scissors in the middle. The creativity of this necklace-braslet is beyond any doubt.

Tanishq Aarka

These expressive advertising posters were created by Suresh Natarajan from Mumbai, India, for jewerly company Tanishq. Rich colors, delicate light, very detailed composition, carefully attention to tones and texture… All this make an exellent series of posters.

Gothic Jewelry from Bjorg

Today we want to show unusual and creative jewerly collection made by Bjorg. Bjorg is 34 years old girl designer from Norway. As noticed on her biography she was never fascinated by classical jewellery, there has to be a soul. And according to these thoughts she created fabulous jewerly collection consisted of necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Everything is made from precious and natural materials. Products created by Bjorg can be described with the words “gothic”, “vintage”, “fabulous”, “surreal”…

Delicious Rings from Japan

Today we want to show you collection of unusual handmade rings created by Sofia from Japan. This collection was inspired by delicious dishes, sweet desserts and various drinks. Very creative, not expensive and with Japanese aura they will make your day brighter. Each of them is existed in single exemplar and can be bought here. Also you could find interesting rings in our previous collectio

Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Spanish Jewelry House “Carrera y Carrera” many years fill the orders of Spanish royal family and this fact directly influenced to the last collection of beautiful wedding rings. Jewelry designers embodied in them royal attributes – tiaras. Collection “Mi Princesa” consist of 6 rings in the form of tiaras – Spanish, French, Russian, Greek, Indian and Japanese. They are lavishly decorated with miniature elements of nature and are made of matte and polished gold. Each tiara has a base – a narrow ring with diamond pave, which is the wedding ring as itself. Ring in the form of tiara should be presented to engagement. Dividing presentation of wedding ring into two parts, “Carrera y Carrera” brought into this ritual is truly a royal romance.

Absolutely Unique Rings

Looking for a truly original wedding band? Check this collection of unusual and creative rings. Or how about rings with the fingerprints of your loved one? Brent and Jessica Williams will help you to create a completely unique wedding rings and you will be directly involved in the process of manufacturing. Uccording to your taste, fingerprint impressions can be applied at both the internal and the external surface of the ring.

30+ Creative and Stylish Rings

Ring is one of the most ancient jewelry and one of the way to express yourself. This collection consists of 30+ unusual and stylish rings. You’ll be suprised by imagination of theirs creators.

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